Google Down the Line!: Ana Ivanovic bests Maria Sharapova on's Top 99 Women list

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ana Ivanovic bests Maria Sharapova on's Top 99 Women list

Sweet revenge: Not only did this beautiful tennis twosome meet each other in the year's first Grand Slam final, but Maria "Shriek"apova and Ana Ivanovic have made's Top 99 Women list. But here's the kicker: Ana bested Maria this time, coming in at No. 73 to the Russian's No. 74 position.

Here's what they had to say about the Serbian stunner:

"In 2007, Ana Ivanovic was ranked in the top five female tennis players worldwide. In her three years of professional tennis she's become a fan favorite. And Ana's as pleased to be on this list as you were to put her there. 'It’s very flattering,' she says. 'It’s been an amazing year and this shows that people have been following my tennis, so that’s a big honor. And like all women, I feel very flattered when I receive a compliment about how I look, so it’s very nice.'"

The site had this to say about the new Aussie Open champ:

"In winning the Acura Classic in San Diego in 2007, Maria Sharapova proved to the world, once again, that beauty and brawn can go hand in hand. And she started 2008 off on the right foot, taking her third Grand Slam title at the Australian Open. The Siberian Siren has an animated personality that makes her a joy to watch on the court. And the fact that she could moonlight as a runway model doesn't hurt either. And as far as you’re concerned, given her place on our list, Maria Sharapova's definitely got game."

The pair joins World No. 1 Roger Federer, who made the Top 49 Men's list for 2007.

We like that this match-up is becoming a rivalry in every way.

(image via AP Photo)

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