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Thursday, January 10, 2008

SIGHTING: Rafael Nadal preps for Aussie Open run, knees looking questionable

Bad omen: From these photos, taken during a practice session in Melbourne, Rafael Nadal's troublesome knees don't look to be completely healed yet, even though the incredibly hulking Spaniard looks healthy in every other way. This can't be good news for Rafa's chances at the Australian Open next week, where he's never been pass the quarterfinals.

Could this explain the World No. 2's devastating loss at the Chennai Open last weekend, or is this just a preventative tape job?

(images via PAUL CROCK/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. I wouldn't conclude too much from the tape. I've seen him wear those a lot, although in matches they are covered up by his pirate pants. I'm no expert, but I think the tape is there to hold the kneecaps in place -- other people where those elastic bands for the same reason.

  2. The tapes at the knee are a precaution. You'll probably see him wear it most of the time when he's on court.

  3. It's just a precaution and a prevention. Nadal has tendonitis like many other players and, for example, I don't see anyone making continuous doomsday comments about the fact that Ivan Ljubicic ALWAYS tapes his knee to play.

    You seem to be pretty uninformed about Nadal so I would suggest you register at his top serious fansite where they know absolutely everything and have 24/7 updates on whatever Rafael is doing - for one thing you could have found out and printed more about the ENORMOUS charity sports event he and Real Madrid keeper Iker Casillas organised in Madrid in December - IkerVsNadal - to raise funds to help the Red Cross fight malaria.

  4. oh anon 11:37 you clearly haven't been readinG Down the Line! closely enough. If you had you would've seen our post on Rafa and the Red Cross event:

    So check it out - and no worries, we don't mind that you used our comment space as a promotional opportunity for It's good to know about other sites for good tennis player info. On behalf of Down the Line and our readers - THANKS!!!

  5. But Rich,I DID see your post on the event,and your several much more detailed posts profusely patting Roddick & Blake on the back for participating in benefit events, which is why I am complaining! Also, like many webmasters, you questioned the pose in the pic you chose as you did not even realise that it was of Italian football ace Cannavaro caught in the act of shining Rafa's left shoe - because he had just scored the most amazing goal, his first of six.

  6. Good point - since we gather our info from the player sites, news outlets, etc. we'll be checking into VamosBrigade more often.

    But this begs the question - why isn't Rafa's publicist, Benito Perez-Barbadillo, doing a better job of putting this type of info out there, including on his website? Andy and James' sites make a point of talking about their charity work often and providing images and context.

    You seem to be doing a better job than he is...they may want to think about hiring you.


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