Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Rafa, Safin, and Murray go shirtless under the blazing Aussie sun

Thursday, January 10, 2008

SIGHTING: Rafa, Safin, and Murray go shirtless under the blazing Aussie sun

Gratuitous body shots: One of the great challenges of playing down under and winning the Australian Open is dealing with the infamous heat - it's intense. But one of the great benefits, at least to us, is seeing the many gratuitous shots of male tennis ballers having to strip down to stay cool - or at least to prevent a serious farmer's tan.

After his recent hit-and-run moment, Rafael Nadal was spotted shirtless during a practice session in Melbourne. We knew he was ripped but these images of the Spaniard are frightening (in a good way, of course) especially the one on the left. Seriously, was his head superimposed on that hulking body?

Russian hottie Marat Safin and Brit Andy Murray were also spotted taking in a practice session during the Kooyong Classic, though both players look like they could use a bit more time under the blazing Aussie sun. But, in any case, they're looking fit and ready.

Now we're reminded of the one of the reasons we love tennis so...

(images via PAUL CROCK & WILLIAM WEST for Getty)


  1. Well. This certainly brightened my day, although I can't seem to get any work done. Thank you very much!

  2. I guess we're doing OUR job then!

  3. Who knew Sideshow Bob had such a hot body...

  4. Nadal is such a thoroughbred! Not an ounce of fat on his sinewy frame. Surprisingly what strikes you about Nadal when you meet him in person is how much taller and slimmer he is than you expected - those corded muscles only appear when he flexes them to hit a tennis ball on court.

  5. like I needed the extra motivation, pato. Taller and slimmer, dear God!


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