Google Down the Line!: The Observer Sport Monthly gets cheeky with tennis' sexiest Serbs

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Observer Sport Monthly gets cheeky with tennis' sexiest Serbs

That's how you do it: We give huge props to the UK's The Observer Sport Monthly for its cheeky interviews with the Serbian duo of Novak Djokovic and Ana Ivanovic (who made the cover.) The reporters, Emma John and Adrian Deevoy, get inside their personalities by managing to avoid the droll questions most news outlets ask athletes and opting for hilarious, off-color questions for two of tennis' brightest stars.

Emma John gets her shot at Nole, and gets the sexy Serb to talk Maria "Shriek"apova and who has the best body on the ATP Tour.

On playing European football:
"Is he any good [at European football]? 'Yeah!' What kind of player? 'Attacking. I like to score.' This makes sense: given his propensity to strip off his shirt for tennis fans, he would particularly enjoy the celebrations."

On which male tennis baller has the best body:
"Anyway, who has the best body in the men's dressing room? He pauses to consider this quite seriously. 'Oh. Whooh. I would say, for sure, Paradorn Srichaphan. He has not been playing and I haven't seen him for a while. But he still has the best body in men's tennis.' Better than Rafa? 'Rafa? No, no... I don't like bodies like Rafa's.'"

On the rumors about Maria "Shriek"apova:
"...what is the deal with him and Sharapova? 'There is no deal,' [...] 'Obviously when you see her sitting there in the final of the US Open cheering for me you think, 'What's going on?' But it's just a nice friendship.'"

Adrian Deevoy gets the tough task of interviewing the stunning Ana Ivanovic about whether she's ever cheated in a match, playing drunk tennis, and being hit on by women.

On whether she's ever cheated in a match:
"No. Actually, I did once. I was a junior and there was no referee and I played against this Russian girl and she cheated so badly. She was calling balls out that were a metre inside the line. I was so angry, I thought: 'Every time she cheats, I'm going to cheat her back.' So I did."

On who Ana thinks is the most attractive woman on tour:
"It's hard to say for a girl but... [Maria] Kirilenko. She's quite attractive."

On being hit on by women:
"Oh my God, I've had a few uncomfortable experiences but I'm so allergic to that. I just can't... even now when I see my friends and they just want to kiss the cheek. I prefer men."

On playing tennis drunk:
"No, I've never done anything drunk. I'm an in-control person. I was tipsy a few times but I can't drink. I told you, I'm a real party-pooper."

On what Ana would do to win Wimbledon:
"Oh, I'd do so much that you can't imagine - as long as it wasn't really bad. Sell your soul? No, I need that. Your grandparents? I love, love, love my grandparents. Eat a dog? Eat a dog?! No, nothing that crazy.

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