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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Serena Williams gets cheesy for cheese

When players blog: Serena "ReRe" Williams has had an epiphany, of sorts. The 8-time Grand Slam champion, who played more tournaments last fall than she had in years, has a new perspective on tennis and life, and she owes it all to cheese. Well, not the kind you eat'll let ReRe tell you for herself:

"I went to Europe as my fans out there would know and played 4 tournaments this fall. This is more than I have played in the fall in the past 5 years!!! Well I ended up reaching number 5 which was so cool before I fell again to number 7 (damit) and I had tons of fun doing it. But the turning point happened when I was on a plane coming back from Paris. I was thinking “did I make the right decision?” Was I right with riding myself of certain relationships?" I began to become scared and I was worried that I had made a mistake."
"Then it happened I picked up this book called "Who moved my cheese" by Spencer Johnson. I was reading this one part that said "What would you do if u were not afraid?" And than it said "there is always cheese don't be afraid to find it." Basically it was talking about being complacent and being afraid of change. I than realized that I was afraid I was afraid of change. I was afraid to move on. I was afraid I was afraid to find new cheese! I thought there was only one cheese out there but after reading that book I realized that there is all types of "cheese" out there. Now I am not talking about real cheese but cheese is whatever you make it to be. Whether or not its money, or boyfriends, or friends. There is always more out there if what u have around you."
Who knew cheese could be so profound, or that ReRe could be so deep? We've never really liked it (cheese, that is), but I guess we've never tried tasting different kinds. Thanks for opening our minds, ReRe!

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