Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Venus Williams embodies cheap-chic, works diamond chandeliers

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

FASHION FIX: Venus Williams embodies cheap-chic, works diamond chandeliers

Blingin' it: Seriously, how does Venus Williams play elite-level tennis wearing two diamond chandeliers on her head, not to mention the possible engagement rock on her left hand? The entire pink + grey EleVen outfit she's working here, including accessories and sneakers, probably costs under $100, so we're thinking V's feeling her own version of cheap-chic.

In any case, it's a strange look - and we haven't even talked about the dreaded shorty-shorts. Ewww. Regardless, the Wimbledon champ made the second round, defeating Zi Yan of China 6-2 7-5.

(images via AP Photo/Rick Stevens)


  1. I would the take her short-shorts over Serena's biking shorts. I wondering if all of her "Eleven" pieces are custom made for her body. Her shirt remains in place, even on her serve, and you never see her midriff.

    I am still trying find an Eleven unisex t-shirt to wear. She should come out with a men's line.

  2. The pieces she wears are definitely form-fitting. Most likely she had some made for her especially for the Grand Slams.

  3. Venus looks great in her clothes. As long as her cheeks aren't hanging out or the pants aren't going up the crack of her butt, the outfits are alright with me. People tend to criticize what they CAN'T wear. She's young, she's got a great body, and she can wear the clothes! If I had her body I would wear her tennis outfits.


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