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Monday, January 7, 2008

FASHION FIX: The men are gettin' leggy with Lacoste

Gettin' leggy with it: We've recently written about our disappointment in the continuation of the shorty-short trend on the WTA Tour this season. Well, the women aren't the only culprits. The men of Lacoste - more specifically Frenchies Fabrice Santoro & Sebastien Grosjean - were spotted showing a little too much tennis leg at this week's Medibank International in Sydney.

We already raved about the Lacoste ladies' high fashion marks this season, but the shorty-shorts on their men need to go. We're fine with the overall classic look, but we prefer to live in the now and not the 1970's (even John McEnroe looks in pain wearing those shorts.)

Someone help these men!

(images via DAVID HANCOCK/AFP/Getty Images & GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. If you have muscular thighs like Fabrice Santoro, than the shorter the shorts the better.

  2. Great point killervirgo - although you may remember we'd prefer Gonzo over Santoro any day:

  3. Gonzo needs a pair of short-shorts, stat! I've been searching for his Adidas poster were he is posing in his backhand position just because his thighs looks so great. But I saw Sampras a couple months ago, and I think she could give Gonzo a run for his money. Can't I enjoy them all?

  4. mmm....
    I like the short shorts on guys. Besides, Santoro & Grosjean might be on to something. They are in the quarters of Sydney ATP when most of the seeds have been knocked out.

    Can't wait to see Clement
    in short shorts...mmm..woof!!

  5. Short shorts are gay


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