Google Down the Line!: Ana Ivanovic continues Global Domination Tour, conquers the UK

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ana Ivanovic continues Global Domination Tour, conquers the UK

Cover girl: Ana Ivanovic has continued her Global Domination Tour into 2008. Her latest stop on the Tour was London where she trained for a week in December. It seems the sexy Serb has become the UK's adopted tennis daughter of sorts (they could certainly use one), making two magazine covers this week alone.

We posted about the World No. 4's interview with The Observer Sport Monthly on Monday, and now the latest interview comes courtesy of London free weekly, Sport magazine. In our favorite exchange, Ana reveals a tennis trade secret only the ladies would understand:
Ah, the Press. Have you ever told them something you shouldn’t?
“A few times. Once they asked me how much tennis players follow the fashion and I said a lot. What I wanted to say was “a little bit”. But it’s difficult when English is not your first language because sometimes you say something you don’t mean.”
So you said... what, exactly?
“I said that a lot of players pay attention to the way they look and they put on a lot of make-up when they go on court. Maybe it’s not a nice thing to say, but it’s true. There are a few of them.”
In the top 10?
“Yes. When you are on court you don’t want to be worrying that your mascara is running, but there are some players who really do. I’ll give you a tip so you can tell who is using make-up. When they take a towel, the girls who are wearing make-up go like this (dabs face delicately), they never rub, so that it doesn’t smudge. So you can tell just by watching.”
We certainly will be...

To read the full interview, click here.

An additional, exclusive Q & A from Sport with Ana is available here.

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  1. Let me help you, she's talking about Jelena Jankovic! She always wears make-up.

  2. ha, ha! under the hot aussie sun, we'll definitely be able to see whose faces melt, and who'll be dabbing. can't wait!

  3. haha that's so great, she's obviously talking about Jelena Jankovic who is ALWAYS dabbing her face when she uses the towel.


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