Google Down the Line!: + THURSDAY NETCORDS: Jelena, Boris, A-Rod, Venus vs. Serena...Sania makes amends, Becks makes us cry and more

Thursday, December 13, 2007

+ THURSDAY NETCORDS: Jelena, Boris, A-Rod, Venus vs. Serena...Sania makes amends, Becks makes us cry and more

- End of the road? What are Venus & Serena Williams' chances at next month's Australian Open? Franklin L. Johnson for says, "Is this the last major hurrah for the Williams sisters? These extraordinary athletes have been around so long many of us take them for granted. But, nothing lasts forever, including the legendary careers of Venus and Serena." But before calling it a day on their careers, let's take a trip back to the early Williams' days courtesy of Women's Tennis Blog.

- And she acts, too: Serbian Shank Award recipient Jelena Jankovic will co-star with "Hairspray" star Brittany Snow in a new, original Reebok Entertainment-produced TV show titled "Framed" that will debut Friday night on the IFC channel.

- Self-promoter: Bellezza at All About Becker found the former Wimbledon champ pimping his own clothing line. We suppose someone has to wear it.

- Get all the dirt and details on the ASB Classic and Heineken Open with R.C. French and tennis blog Yellowballin' (we're loving that name).

- Indian sensation Sania Mirza was busted for shooting an ad in the premises of a mosque in her hometown Hyderabad and then later apologized saying, "I would like to apologise to all my brothers and sisters and respected elders who are anguished by my unwittingly entering a portion of the land belonging to Mecca Masjid." The assistant police commissioner accepted the apology saying, "The girl has sent an e-mail saying sorry and her mother also went to the mosque and has given a letter." The 'girl'? How dismissive of them.

- Wishful thinking: Sports Central released the Annual Tennis Holiday Wish List. Their biggest instance of wishful thinking? "4. A grand slam sweep for Maria Sharapova. She proved to be a true professional this year, and the world can use a few more of those. Maybe the holiday season will provide her with enough magic to win all four big ones in the same year, as well." We don't think so (see comments - we even told them so!)

- The end of the tennis year wouldn't be complete without Sports Illustrated's Jon Wertheim and his Baggie Awards.

- Some kinda threesome: It's all love, love, love for Chris Evert, Greg Norman, and some guy at NBC Sports.

- Speaking of love...Though his love life seems to be in order, Gasquet & Racquet fears for Andy Roddick's professional one and offers some analysis on the former US Open champ.

OFF TOPIC ALERT: David Beckham for Emporio Armani Underwear - holy crap.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the shoutout. That's a sweet picture of Roger Federer. Beckham is the king of the underwear ads though.


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