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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

THE LOW DOWN: A player's publicist gets pissed at our post

A pissed publicist: We received a not-so-encouraging email response from a certain publicist for a certain player after we critiqued the player's rumored Australian Open gear. We emailed the publicist asking, in our oh-so open way, if he could confirm what his player would be wearing and send us images, after photos surfaced online. The PR flack was none-too-pleased with our opinion on the player's gear saying,

"What I don't like is your comment abut that particular gear so it really surprises me you ask me for a photo..."
Didn't seem so surprising to us. Alas, the images never came.

Aren't we doing our jobs by stating our opinions and providing a forum for discussion about the players, tennis sponsors, tournaments, etc.? It's unfortunate said publicist couldn't accept our opinion because we still think it's pretty bad - the clothing, not the player! Geez...

NOTE: Opinions expressed on Down the Line! are ours, and ours alone - unless you'd like to take credit too!

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  1. Wow that's incredibly touchy of them! Keep on stating your opinions Down The Line. We love you for it.

  2. thanks anon-12:35! i know right? very touchy. oh well, can't please everyone.


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