Google Down the Line!: Gallery of the Unknown Tennis Player #7

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gallery of the Unknown Tennis Player #7

So the answers to last Wednesday's GUTP quiz were Martina Hingis and Marat Safin. Congrats if you guessed correctly!

Here's today's GUTP quiz. Can you guess who the tennis players are behind the masks? Good luck...

"I'm, like, so totally psyched that I got rid of this dress. Seriously, great design but bad luck. I lost to a couple of 18-year olds in this dress, and one lost happened when I was defending champ at the US Open. Who am I?"

"Match-fixing? Ha! Illegal betting?? Ha! They can't prove these accusations, but they'd sure love to blame the Russian mafia - or at least one loud-mouthed person we all know. Who am I?"

(images via AP Photo, Getty)

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