Google Down the Line!: Gallery of the Unknown Tennis Player #6

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Gallery of the Unknown Tennis Player #6

Did you figure out who the mystery player's were from last Friday's GUTP quiz? If you guessed Andy Roddick and Daniela Hantuchova then kudos to you!

Here are today's secret tennis stars. Take your best guess...

"I'm the youngest woman's No. 1 in history, yet I can't catch a break. I've been accused of hitting the nose candy, but I say my urine samples got all screwed up. Now my career is tainted - no pun intended, of course. Who am I?"

"I'm mad...mad I say! I need to get myself to Anger Management 101 or a head shrinker at the very least. The media keeps bashing me because my personality constantly overshadows my immense talent . Who am I?"

(images via Getty)

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