Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Preview of Serena Williams' Australian Open '08 tennis gear

Monday, December 10, 2007

FASHION FIX: Preview of Serena Williams' Australian Open '08 tennis gear

tennis week grabbed a preview of Serena "ReRe" Williams' Nike tennis fashion for next month's Australian Open: a white tunic-style tennis dress with a deep v-neck and side slits and worn over purple spandex biker shorts with matching purple wrist bands.

And who does the 8-time Grand Slam champ think she's representing with her on-court style?

"I just think I represent all females out there who believe in themselves, [...] It doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s all about having confidence in you. That’s not necessarily having to wear some short shorts or extremely small top, its just about believing in yourself. I think I represent the woman that believes in herself and has confidence in herself to be unique."
ReRe also believes, though, that fashion is more important than function saying,
"When I first went to meet with Nike, I told them the best thing about me is I don’t have to be extremely comfortable, I just want to look nice out there, [...] I don’t want to be in the basic white skirt and white shirt with the collar. I want to look different. I’m OK if I have to wear a fabric that’s not your basic nylon and spandex. Let’s mix it up, try different fabrics. If I’m slightly uncomfortable, that’s OK. I’m usually able to play through it."
We aren't loving this look for ReRe. The dress is cute on its own, slightly boring, but fine. The purple spandex biker shorts seem like an afterthought and out of place. We vote for shorter shorts under the dress.

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