Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: A preview of Roger Federer's Australian Open '08 tennis gear

Monday, December 10, 2007

FASHION FIX: A preview of Roger Federer's Australian Open '08 tennis gear

tennis week keeps coming with the goods - first a preview of Serena Williams' Aussie Open gear and now World No. 1 Roger Federer. Here's a preview of what Fed will be wearing for the Australian Open courtesy of Nike. According to the TW blog, the Swiss stylist is "wearing the blue polo shirt for day matches and the black version at night. Both have a slimmer, sleeker, tailored fit than the Nike shirts Federer wore at the U.S. Open and the sleeves appear to be shorter. Attention to detail is evident in the “no-sew technology” on the button placket to prevent chafing from thread against the skin. The back of the shirt feature’s Federer’s RF logo that doubles as a 'zoned cooling' vent."

The day outfit is okay but the night outfit seems very busy - black shirt and shorts, blue head and wrist bands, white socks and sneakers. All in all we think it's fine, but like Serena's duds, nothing special. We actually prefer the US Open Darth Federer look over this one.

Who will save us from these tennis fashion doldrums?

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  1. I wish he wears red. It's a lucky color in Chinese. He won over Nadal in Miami 05, Hamburg 07 and TMC 07 wearing a red Nike shirt. Somebody ought to tell him that. Tiger Woods wears red for a reason.

  2. ah-ha! good call lolita...we should get on his forum and let him know.


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