Google Down the Line!: Anna Kournikova hits the beach for K-Swiss, takes trip back to Russia

Monday, December 10, 2007

Anna Kournikova hits the beach for K-Swiss, takes trip back to Russia

Though she rarely steps foot on a professional tennis court these days, Anna Kournikova isn't hurting for sponsorships. The original Russian glamour girl still has K-Swiss under her wing and recently shot a new commercial for the athletic brand in LA - check out these behind-the-scenes shots.

And speaking of Russia, the former top-tenner just got back from a holiday trip back to her homeland and said,

"I just got back from my trip to Russia visiting my family and friends. It's been a while since I had been back to Moscow, and I had such an amazing time! I wasn't used to the cold weather and the snow at first, but it was actually a nice change for me, and it really got me into the holiday spirit. I had a chance to relax and spend a lot of time hanging out with my friends and family,so it
was the perfect holiday gift I could give myself!"
Hmmm - no mention of boyfriend Enrique Iglesias tagging along on the trip. How can she break the news of their rumored engagement without him there? Maybe it's just that then...a rumor...*sigh*.

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  1. Anna is a really private person, she never mentions Enrique in her journal entries in her website... She just mentioned him once the week his CD was out she asked people to buy it... But hum, Anna trying to help didn't change much... His CD didn't sell well... HUAHUAHAUA...

    But well, about the trip to Moscow, Enrique was in fact there... He made a concert there and Anna watched it with family and friends... But about the rumors of engagement... No way, not true at all... They'll never marry... Media keeps writing this bullshit and they keep denying it...

  2. thanks anon-7:17, but why won't they ever marry?

  3. Well... I just know it... Trust me... Enrique always says he has no plans to get married and he doesn't love Anna... In his last tour whenever Anna was not around he'd been seen with many girls around... He enjoys single's life... For me he's just a playboy, bad singer who enjoins the advantages of being famous...

  4. interesting - thanks for the info!

  5. wow really interesting and Anna really lookis awesome. anyway thanks for sharing such a nice blog...


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