Google Down the Line!: Federer wins first match against Sampras, players hit in traditional Korean garb

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Federer wins first match against Sampras, players hit in traditional Korean garb

The first battle of the tennis titans, also known as the Hyundai Card Super Match, was played out between 14-time Grand Slam champ Pete Sampras and his heir apparent Roger Federer in Seoul, Korea. After working the press room the day before, the legends began match day giving a tennis clinic to some extremely lucky (not jealous, really) amateurs, working on serves, groundies, volleys while pocketing some uber-valuable autographs.

The clinic was followed by their highly-anticipated exhibition match. The World No. 1, as expected, pulled out an easy win over Sampras 6-4, 6-3 in 61 minutes. The win wasn't a total whitewash, however. "It was a little tricky situation. I'd been playing well and Pete's been retired for five years," Federer said. "I expected myself to win tonight. "I am very happy with my performance but I think Pete's still playing very, very well. [...] "When I found my range, Pete missed a few too many shots, [...] I was maybe lucky to win the first set. Then I got on a roll and started to relax. I enjoyed the match very much." For his part, Sampras said, "I feel a little disappointed, [...] But I made Roger sweat a little bit tonight. "I can still serve quite well but the hardest thing for me is movement,[...] I was a little careless up on the net and missed a few easy balls. But I think I will play well in the next match."

They ended the first match by donning traditional Korean clothing to thank the fans, even managing to swat some balls in the gowns. Now that's what we call tennis fashion.

(images via AP Photo)

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