Google Down the Line!: War of Words: TENNIS mag's James Martin attacks Marat Safin, "You're a mess, man," says Martin

Thursday, October 25, 2007

War of Words: TENNIS mag's James Martin attacks Marat Safin, "You're a mess, man," says Martin

It seems the normally innocuous TENNIS magazine is finally ruffling some feathers. Editor-in-chief James Martin recently wrote a scathing open letter on the mag's website to 2-time Grand Slam champion Marat Safin in his "Viewpoint" column. In the piece, Martin lays into the Russian saying, "You’re a mess, man. You haven’t won more than two matches in a row since mid-July, and your best result this season was in February when you reached the semifinals of Las Vegas. Fitting, since you’ve been coming up craps ever since." He goes on to question his commitment to the sport comparing Marat to a certain playboy ("Lately, you’ve been as committed to tennis as Hugh Hefner is to monogamy."), his lackluster attitude ("You’re like a teenager who’s way too self-absorbed for his own good.") and even makes mention of Marat's recent failed attempt to climb Nepal's Cho Oyo ("I can only imagine how miserable you were, and how miserable you made your fellow hikers on that journey, when you discovered that climbing a mountain is, like, real work.")

The brutal letter did not go unnoticed by Marat's camp, however. A response to the "insulting article" appeared on his website attacking James Martin and accusing the editor of "trying to put a smear on Marat's situation." The post goes on to question the integrity of TENNIS magazine and the site saying the article was "written on a 'respected' website and this article was full of hate - really patronizing and vicious in its comments and aimed at hurting Marat, his reputation, his past contribution and achievements in the field of tennis."

We wholeheartedly agree Marat Safin, with his immense talent, is an ultimate underachiever and we're all for "tough love". So let's not stop with him. Let's add in Kim Clijsters, Amelie Mauresmo, Andy Roddick, and David Nalbandian. And these are just the more recent underachievers. Where are their scathing open letters Ja
mes Martin?


  1. Seriously, leave Marat alone. He is a tremendous athlete. All players experience ups and downs in their careers. Andre Agassi really didn't reach his full potential until age 29.

  2. We agree Paula that Marat is a tremendous athlete and he definitely gets his licks from the press - James Martin's piece being the most public by someone highly visible in the sport. But he clearly has underachieved throughout his career, not just recently, and we don't think he'll have an Agassi-type revival since he inately lacks the discipline.
    That being said, we would also like to see equal treatment in the press for players who are underachievers but get a free pass because they don't ruffle feathers.

  3. This Wimbledon season is the best one for Marat Safin.
    I'm a big fan of him!


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