Google Down the Line!: Venus Williams blogs from Thailand, talks sleep and afros

Monday, October 8, 2007

Venus Williams blogs from Thailand, talks sleep and afros

(Is this kid really nervous or has he never seen an afro this close before?)

Venus Williams is continuing her tour of Asia with a stop at the Bangkok Open this week. After a disappointing loss to Frenchie Virginie Razzano in the Japan Open final, V will look to rebound in Thailand and solidify her chances at the year end Sony Ericsson Championships. Continuing her blogging ways, V had some things to say about...

Her loss in the Japan Open final:
"I was disappointed I lost in the Tokyo final, but you can always learn from your losses and fight for your next win. That's pretty much my attitude and so I'm just focused on playing my best here in Bangkok, and hopefully winning another title. That's the goal."

Her night out after the Japan final:
"After the final we just went out and enjoyed Tokyo. Obviously we went to karaoke, and obviously I did "Call Me" by Blondie - I'm a huge Blondie fan. I didn't last too long that night because I was so tired from the final. I had a few songs and that was it for me. I guess we're making going to karaoke a tradition when we're in Asia..."

Getting some sleep:
"We were travelling pretty much all day and I was sleeping quite a while. I even got mad at [sister] Isha because she woke me up asking if I wanted to eat. Everybody who knows me knows that I'd choose sleep over eating. Everybody's banging on my door, trying to get into my room. I think I'll be doing some of that back to them soon so they can see how it feels! So, I just don't answer the door. People can text or e-mail me, and if I'm not there I am not getting up. Even at home I don't answer my door. I need my sleep!"

Her latest hair-do:
"Oh and you may have noticed from the picture that I've switched hairdos - I just got tired of my old one. I've had the afro a few times this year in Fed Cup; and some people have been asking if I'd be doing it again. So for the moment, I'm in the '70s. And it's righteous."

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