Google Down the Line!: Serena Williams' blackberry is stolen, 'I feel raw and alone now..." says Serena

Monday, October 22, 2007

Serena Williams' blackberry is stolen, 'I feel raw and alone now..." says Serena

When tennis players blog: Not only do they play a sport professionally (a dream for many of us) and make millions, they now want to act, model, and blog. Exhibit A: Serena "ReRe" Williams. Following in sister Venus' recently heralded turn at the blogosphere, ReRe is spilling her beans on everything from "jerk offs" who don't call back to her missing/stolen blackberry.

According to her website, the former No. 1 was visiting Paris and dropped by the FENDI store to check out these "fabulous boots" and use the ladies' room. We'll let ReRe tell the rest:

"I saw some fabulous boots there that I thought would go great in my fall repertoire. Well I also had to use the bathroom really bad... so the driver dropped me and my friend *Paul off at the corner and we walked to the FENDI store. I asked the employee if I could use the bathroom. I went to the bathroom with my purse and came out and looked at a dress. I never set my purse down I just was holding it. Later I tried on the boots and put my purse down. I liked the boots so I decided to buy them. I picked up my purse and noticed my blackberry was missing."

The 8-time Grand Slam champion goes on to say:

"I feel raw and alone now that I don't have my bb. My bb is out there all alone cold and scared. She had a great life a warm bed and a wonderful mom that took great care of her. I wish I could just see her one more time. I did not even get chance to say goodbye."

Has she lost her marbles? We understand sport celebrities have a tendency to live in an insular world, but this smells of straight-up crazy. Maybe the blackberry ran for it's life - a more grounded life than what ReRe seems to have...

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  1. You got to be kiddin... your comment is silly. she's obviously saying those things in a funny way, although she do feel bad about her lost balckberry.

    I cannot believe you need an explanation for this. LOL


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