Google Down the Line!: ROUND ROBIN: A-Rod & Serena tag team, Nole wants to relax, Andy talks match-fixing

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ROUND ROBIN: A-Rod & Serena tag team, Nole wants to relax, Andy talks match-fixing

Charity tennis tag team: Andy Roddick and Serena Williams are teaming up and playing doubles for the first time to benefit the Andy Roddick Foundation. The two Grand Slam champs are partnering for Rock-n-Rackets, an annual tennis exhibition that combines tennis and music. Other players participating include Sam Querry and Ashley Harkleroad. "From the start, I wanted to create an event that featured my passion for both tennis and music in markets that typically do not have the opportunity to see the sport at the highest level," said A-Rod. "It is especially exciting for me to finally be able to bring the event to Omaha since it has so much meaning for me and my family personally." For her part, ReRe said, "Andy and I are close friends so I look forward to playing with him and giving the fans an evening of great entertainment." (via talkabouttennis)

Winding down: World No. 3 Novak Djokovic has had an amazing year by anyone's standards and now he feels ready to relax - but not when he's on the tennis court. "For me it's not about getting the points, the money or whatever. It's about winning," said the sexy Serb. "I qualified for Shanghai, and looking at this year's results I don't need to try logically anymore. But it's not about that. Whenever I get to the court I try to win. It's that hunger for success, so I can really assure everybody that I'm going to try 100 percent at every tournament." (via citizen)

Murray makes noise: Brit Andy Murray is the latest player to bring match-fixing allegations to the table. According to Andy, "It is pretty disappointing for all the players, but everyone knows that it goes on," [...] "It's difficult to prove. They can try their best until the last games in each set and then make some mistakes, hit a couple of double faults and that's it." And, what does the Brit give as the reason for illegal activity? "A career lasts probably only 10 or 12 years and you have to make all your money while you're still playing." (via BBC)

(images via AP Photo, Getty)

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