Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: Firestorm of criticism engulfs Andy Murray, retracks comments on website

Friday, October 12, 2007

THE LOW DOWN: Firestorm of criticism engulfs Andy Murray, retracks comments on website

The firestorm surrounding Andy Murray and his recent match-fixing comments is building, and some of the top players are speaking out. Rafael Nadal became the first high-profile player to dispute the Scot's claims.

And on the heels of Rafa's remarks, Russian Nikolay Davydenko, who is at the center of the biggest match-fixing allegations, took a swipe at Andy's comments:
If Murray says that he knows, that means that he gambles himself,” said the Russian. “Because people who start talking out loud have their fears disappear. And they know that if they speak out loud, it means that they are free, they have not done it. Since Murray was describing in detail how it goes on, it means he went deep into it. As if he was never involved, but he knows how it works in detail. It was folly of him to say this.”

The usually soft-spoken Ivan Ljubicic also spoke out and had this to say about Andy's remarks:
"I think Andy Murray talked more about what he heard than about what he knows," [...] "I am absolutely sure that none of the top players is involved in betting or match-fixing."

And today comes news that Andy, speaking through his website, has back-tracked on his claims:

"The comments that I made with regard to betting in tennis have been taken out of context and I would like to clarify them," [...] "When I said 'everyone knows that it's going on,' I meant that everyone has probably heard that three or four players have spoken out about being offered money to lose matches -- which they refused."

As World No. 1, we believe Roger Federer has a responsibility to speak out on these allegations to protect the integrity of tennis. Roger, where are you these days???

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