Google Down the Line!: Dear USA Network: No more awkward celebrity interviews at the US Open

Friday, September 7, 2007

Dear USA Network: No more awkward celebrity interviews at the US Open

Cut the fat: We have had it, and it seems we're not the only ones. Down the Line! would like to submit a formal complaint to USA Network about roving reporter (although we have another title in mind) Michael Barkan. Barkan has this unique talent of interrupting a great US Open match at the worst time for a pointless and annoying celebrity interview. To make matters worse, he creates severely awkward moments for all involved, mostly for himself.

Jossip, the media gossip blog, posted the ridiculous interaction between Barkan, Jerry Seinfeld, and Larry David that occurred during the thrilling quarterfinal between Venus Williams and Jelena Jankovic. Our favorite part:

Michael Barkan (to Jerry): What are you doing, quickly?

Jerry Seinfeld: I have a bee—

Michael Barkan: Or not quickly! I’m sorry.

Jerry Seinfeld: —a bee movie coming out November 2nd, an animated movie.

Michael Barkan: (whispering) Really? A bee movie?

Jerry Seinfeld (whispering) Yes.

Michael Barkan: (loudly) A bee movie!

Larry David (whispering) You’re talking too loud! What’s the matter with you?

Michael Barkan (whispering): I’m sorry. What’s the funniest thing that—that you’ve ever seen on a tennis court?

Jerry Seinfeld (loudly): Not you.

Jerry and Larry laugh.

Michael Barkan: Okay. Okay, with that, we, uh—shhhh! We send it back. With Jerry and Larry, and Larry and Jerry.

(image via jossip)

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