Google Down the Line!: Ana Ivanovic is TENNIS magazine's new cover girl

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ana Ivanovic is TENNIS magazine's new cover girl

Speaking of TENNIS magazine's covers, Serbia's Ana Ivanovic will be the face on the mag's newest issue, continuing her Global Domination Tour. Here's an excerpt from the article written by Peter Bodo:

"When Ivanovic was a youngster, the Belgrade athletic club where she trained and played sports could not afford to heat its Olympic-size swimming pool in the winter. Club officials decided to have it drained and lay down carpet, and that’s where Ivanovic got her first taste of indoor tennis. Practicing there made her game lethal because the walls of the pool were just 18 inches from the sidelines of the court. Down-the-line, often the most difficult shot to hit, was the only way to go."

Did Bodo just give Down the Line! a shout-out? Probably not...but we'll take it!


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