Google Down the Line!: Venus goes on shopping spree for New York magazine

Monday, August 20, 2007

Venus goes on shopping spree for New York magazine

New York magazine, the magazine of news and cultural happenings for our beloved city, interviewed 6-time Grand Slam winner Venus "V" Williams and asked her to imagine how she would spend her Wimbledon (equal prize) winnings - $1.4 million dollars, that is. Here's some of what V said:

  • Hire V Starr, her design company, to furnish the NYC apartment she shares with sister Serena (at a nice discount of course)

  • Gibson J45 acoustic ($8,000 for a vintage 1955 model at Matt Umanov) & a purple Fender Stratocaster ($6,000 at Sam Ash) for herself

  • A pink Fender Strat ($6,000 at Sam Ash) for Serena

  • Custom king-size mattress ($10,400 at Duxiana), and sheets from Frette ($6,950 for a Helena Limited six-piece set)

  • A Frette bathrobe ($550)

  • 12 pairs of Giuseppe Zanotti strappy shoes embellished with big jeweled alligators, snakes or butterflies ($7,800 for twelve.)

  • For mom, Oracene: A shopping spree at St. John or Escada ($50,000) and an Infinity QX56 ($57,960, fully equipped).

Not a bad list at all. But, tennis superstars V & Serena playing dueling guitars on the Eagles' "Hotel California"? Now that's something we'd pay to see.

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