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Thursday, August 16, 2007

+ THURSDAY NETCORDS: Amelie, Ivan, Rafa answers...NYC needs courts, no love for US Open Series and more

(image courtesy of James Gilbody)

- Rafa news: Readers of TIME magazine ask Spain's Rafael Nadal 10 Questions - including one about the whole wedgey thing. Also, when media at the Cincinnati Masters ask the Spaniard about besting Roger Federer for World No. 1, he says, "I am not thinking about number one," [...] "I will play the two Masters Series in Madrid and Paris, and also in Bangkok, (but) I don't want to go to another place to try to be number one.”

- No surprise here: Frenchie Amelie Mauresmo pulls out of the US Open

- American Express will be offering, among many other benefits, personal TV's at the US Open which will enable fans to tune into multiple matches on different courts, watch CBS/USA Network coverage, view instant replays and access draws without leaving their seats

- No love: Bruce Jenkins of The San Francisco Chronicle, commenting about the US Open Series, said, "We're in the middle of what is known as the "U.S. Open Series," and the concept remains as pointless and off-putting as ever. Essentially, it means nothing and leads to nothing." The USTA, in response, says, "Ouch."

- New York tennis players, be damned: Though interest in tennis has increased in NYC, the availability of tennis courts is shrinking. Blame the "bowling alley" effect - courts require a lot of space, and the cost to operate them versus their potential revenues don't match. We New Yorkers blame greed and the overdevelopment that is pervading the entire city. Down with the man!

- Okay, not the prettiest picture of "Shriek"apova...

- Daily Racquet reports that legend Ivan Lendl is the new spokesperson for Trion:Z bracelets, which when worn counteract the positive ion build-up which leads to excess fatigue, heightened sensitivity to pain, and reduced focus and concentration. Our order is already in for the cute blue & yellow version...

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