Google Down the Line!: ROUND ROBIN: Anna K. designs new line, Jelena thinks back, and Elena scares people

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ROUND ROBIN: Anna K. designs new line, Jelena thinks back, and Elena scares people

Anna expands: Original Russian glamourpuss Anna Kournikova isn't playing much tennis these days (aside from some exhibition matches here and there) but that doesn't mean she's just sitting pretty. The former Wimbledon semifinalist is partnering with sponsor K-Swiss on a new clothing line for 2008. "It will be tennis, workout stuff, yoga stuff," said Anna. "It will basically be stuff that you can be in the gym in and then go to a coffee shop in. It is a lifestyle line and stuff. So you can mix and match it. It will all be together and hopefully it will be cool." We hope so too, Anna...we'll be watching. (via Tennis Week)

Jelena speaks up: Not to be outdone by the Serbian dynamic duo, fellow Serb Jelena Jankovic, appearing as defending champion at this week's Roger's Cup, takes her turn talking to the media about her experiences growing up. Though she attended The Bollittieri Academy during the bombings in 1999, her family was still living in the former Yugoslavia. "I escaped the bombing raids, but my whole family was in Belgrade," said the World No. 3. "I was worried sick, hoping no harm would come to them." About her loss to eventual champion Ana Ivanovic at last week's East West Bank Classic, Jelena said, "I wasn't moving well even in the early rounds. I had a cold and spent some time in bed, which weakened my body. In the semi-final against Ana my legs wouldn't carry me properly. I just couldn't play well." Sour grapes or reality check? (via SLAM! Sports)

Japan plays favorites: Guess who's the second most recognized and popular tennis player in Japan (I guess the photos above are a giveaway, huh?) Believe it or not, Russian Elena Dementieva, and not for the obvious reasons (first is, of course, Federer.) A Japanese reporter gave her the low-down in a press conference this week.

Reporter: "The problem with the Japanese people is that they're intimidated by people like you. How can you suggest people from Japan might be less scared of you?"
ED: "Oh really, they're scared of me? Why, because I'm too tall?"

Reporter: "Because you're taller, you're tough and you're so beautiful."
ED: "I don't know what to say," [...] "I'm not that scary."

We have an idea. How about distracting them with some good serving, Elena? (via

(images courtesy of AP Photos)

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