Google Down the Line!: ROUND ROBIN: Andy feels the pressure, Roger takes his time, Justine wants revenge

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ROUND ROBIN: Andy feels the pressure, Roger takes his time, Justine wants revenge

A-Rod still believes: With Novak Djokovic's extraordinary win and performance at last week's Rogers Cup, Andy Roddick was definitively bumped to No. 4 in the world. However, A-Rod believes the hardcourts of the US, where he's had his best results, will reward his big game. "I still feel like I have at least another Grand Slam title in me," said A-Rod. But, he also knows time is running out. "It's getting to the point where you want to make that happen sooner rather than later," said the American. "This is probably the first year where you reflect back and say it's gone by too fast," [...] "You have to re-evaluate at some point. And pushing toward another Slam is the prominent goal." (via Courier News Online)

To coach or not to coach: Roger Federer recently let go of Aussie legend Tony Roche as his coach (he now coaches fellow Aussie Lleyton Hewitt.) Though he's gone successfully without coaching before (2004 = 3 Grand Slams) he's taking the decision to bring on someone new very seriously. "Do I want a coach? If so, do I want a guy to pick up balls or someone to travel with me all the time?" asked the dominant Swiss. "I'm world number one and I don't want to take chances. Everything I decide has to be thought out. I have to take all of my decisions wisely and slowly." He is sure of one thing: the 2012 Olympics. "I admire the way that (Andre) Agasssi (sic) played through three tennis generations," [...] "I know I want to play the 2012 London Olympics, when I will almost 31." (via Yahoo! Eurosport UK)

Justine's hangover: Justine Henin is still caught up in her Wimbledon misery. Playing in this week's Rogers Cup, the World No. 1 says she wants vindication for that loss. "Wimbledon, it seems far away from me now, but it's true that I have also a feeling that I need a little bit of revenge from that," said Henin. "I could be very calm and understand what did happen. It's tough, you need a lot of humility." (via CBS Sportsline)

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