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Monday, August 13, 2007

ROGER FEDERER: Reigning with grace and integrity

World No. 1 Roger Federer's tennis life is getting a little bit more complicated. This weekend, the Swiss stylist lost an absorbing 3-setter to Serb Novak Djokovic at The Rogers Cup and, with Rafael Nadal nipping at his heels, the king's reign is being threatened.

But always gracious in defeat, Fed called the Djoker's win a "breakthrough" and suspected the Serb may be challenging for Grand Slams soon.

This weekend, The New York Times published a profile on Fed which positioned him as the anti-sports celebrity, most notably because of his trademark affable, understated manner. The World No. 1 had some things to say about his popularity in the U.S., being a role model, and his theory on iPods:

On gaining popularity in the U.S.:
In some ways, yes, what I’m looking for is definitely recognition in the States,” [...]“I hope they appreciate my achievements and results, but I don’t want to force it on the public because that is always up to them to decide.

On being a role model with authenticity:
I take being a role model seriously,” [...] “So I hope I can fit that spot that is maybe missing at the moment. I don’t know.

On his theory about iPods:
I think they’re a great creation, but if you put them in,” [...] “you can’t speak to anyone. You’re isolating yourself, and I don’t like that.

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  1. Federer is a good role model, he deserves all the respect and there are so many things I admire about him. And, I agree with him about an iPod. :) However, all those good things I could say about Novak's personality too. And of course, congrats for the win Nole!


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