Google Down the Line!: Maria Sharapova unveils US Open dress, talks fashion and function

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Maria Sharapova unveils US Open dress, talks fashion and function

Maria "Shriek"apova spoke with the press about the design details and inspirations behind the US Open dress. Here are some interesting tidbits:

- The dress is a sleek garment made of a breathable wicking jersey and constructed with a no-sew technique with seams bonded with heat and silicone instead of thread.

- There are more than 600 Swarovski crystals incorporated into the design.

- There also are three crystal buttons down the back, creating a keyhole effect.

- The dresses are decorated with graphic interpretations of the cityscape on the chest.

- The designs were created in collaboration with Nike senior designer Colleen Sandieson.

Here's some of what Maria "Shriek"apova had to say about the tennis dress and what inspired the design:

On the NYC-inspired color of the dress:
"I've worn a red top before but never a red dress, but there is no better place to do it than New York."

On her personal style:
"I don't like things with too much pattern ... things that are tacky."

On tennis gear as fashion:
"It's always important to feel comfortable in what you're wearing when you're playing, but in tennis, you can do so many things with your wardrobe."

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