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Friday, August 17, 2007

HOT or NOT: Roger vs. Andy

We're never quite sure whether we think Roger Federer is hot or not. It usually all depends on the angle of the image. We think he looks best from the side...and shirtless isn't so bad either.

Andy Roddick, on the other hand, is most definitely hot.

HOT or NOT: Roger vs Andy. TELL US what you think!


  1. I agree DTLT. Andy - hot all the time. Fed, hot sometimes. Other times, not so much...

  2. Both quite definitely NOT.

    Federer is a nerd is a nerd from whatever angle. Someone with so little 'oomph' could never be described as 'hot'.

    Roddick is probably one of the least attractive ATP players to watch - for his crude tennis, his general awkwardness and the way his appearance degenerates rapidly into the decidedly unkempt and grubby. Quite off-putting and by no means 'hot'.

    On a scale of 1 - 10 (with genuine hotties Safin and Cañas of course both scoring 10+!) I'd give Federer a 4 (saved by his lithe limbs) and poor Roddick a 2.

  3. Thanks J.C. - I'll give you the Federer call. But Andy, though his game is pretty one-dimensional, his legs are hot. Plus he's goofy and I think that makes him cuter to me.

    Safin is definitely up there for me...he'll be coming up soon on the HOT or NOT posting!


    Roddick on the other hand...has his good days and not so good days

  5. to me, Roger is hot from all angles, he's hot in the light, hot in the dark, his shoulders and chest are hot, his legs and butt are hot, his intelligence is hot, his style, the way he walks, his posture. he has no ridiculous gestures. he's perfect and perfectly hot. Roddick looks ok, but his gestures get ridiculous at times, which makes him as hot as a... thanksgiving turkey.

  6. you gotta have some style to notice that Federer is as hot as a sportsman can be... unless you got that style.. well, you'll think that Andy Roddick is hotter ( :)))))


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