Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Venus Williams launches EleVen clothing line, will wear collection at the US Open

Thursday, August 23, 2007

FASHION FIX: Venus Williams launches EleVen clothing line, will wear collection at the US Open

One of tennis' most famous fashionistas is launching her own clothing line. Venus "V" Williams has partnered with Steve & Barry's, whose low-price clothing has attracted sports/celebrity collections with New York Knicks' Stephon Marbury ("Starbury") and actresses Sarah Jessica Parker ("Bitten") and Amanda Bynes ("Dear"), to create a clothing line named EleVen. The sportswear line will include high-performance, lifestyle and active clothing and footwear exclusively for retailer Steve & Barry’s.

V will be involved in the design and marketing of the apparel line, and gave some insight into the inspirations behind the collection:

On the name EleVen:

"Eleven is a good number," [...] "It was part of my address growing up in Compton [Calif.]. It also represents the top of the top, because people always say, one out of 10, but it's an 11. You can be more than your best in EleVen."

On why she wanted to launch her own collection:

"I have always been into fashion," [...] "There are a lot of celebrities who are into fashion, but I actually go to school for it.I am going to graduate as soon as I finish my portfolio. I am living the fashion student's dream, which is to have your own line."

On her design philosophy:

"It's all about having a fashionable fate, whether you're at the gym, or you're going shopping in your EleVen clothes."

On the famous bodies she's like to dress in EleVen:

"Obviously, the first on my list is Serena," [...] "And I would love to dress Janet Jackson. I think she is great, and the picture of ultimate fitness. I would also love Jennifer Lopez, because I think she has a great figure, and I think it's a figure that women aspire to."

V will be showcasing pieces from the collection during this year's US Open. The former No. 1 adds the EleVen line to her already growing portfolio including her design company V Starr Interiors.


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