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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Summer Lovers?

As Women's Tennis Blog reported, cutie Jamie Murray, Andy's brother, had asked Jelena "Weird Al" Jankovic to be his mixed-doubles partner at Wimbledon this year. Much to his suprise, after Weird Al's suprising defeat to semifinalist Marion Bartoli in the Wimby Round of 16 she decided to stick around and play with doubles that is...

Don't they look like the happy couple? They're both keeping it cool publicly but The Guardian had this to say:

"Asked about the compliment [Jankovic] had paid him by playing [Murray] said: "I obviously didn't know if she wanted to stick around but she seemed happy enough. If I keep her smiling she'll keep playing with me."

And asked about equivalent names to those of Booty and Stretch (Murray's men's doubles combination with Eric Butorac) the sought-after answer emerged at once. "Beauty and Stretch," he said. Jankovic proffered no indignant response at that."

Hmmm...I spy summer love!

(images courtesy of Getty Images)

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