Google Down the Line!: ROUND ROBIN: Enrique defends Anna, Maria still giving, Lindsay officially returns

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ROUND ROBIN: Enrique defends Anna, Maria still giving, Lindsay officially returns

Enrique defends: After talking up his long-time girlfriend, tennis star Anna Kournikova, to Sports Illustrated hottie Enrique Iglesias is playing defense. Amidst the swirling rumors that the Russian beauty is battling an eating disorder, Enrique says, "She's fine. I think because she stopped playing tennis, obviously her muscles are not as big as what they used to be, so immediately I think a lot of people maybe have said that she's lost a lot of weight." The latin superstar goes on to say, "But no, she's cool, she's healthy, she's good. She eats like crazy." Me thinks you doth protest too much, Enrique. (via news1130)

Maria gives more: After bowling for charity and auctioning off her French Open dress online for her Foundation, Maria "Shriek"apova continues to give. At the Acura Classic this week, her first tournament back since her fourth round loss to Venus Williams at Wimbledon, Maria met with the "Children of Chernobyl", a group of children effected by the explosion at Chernobyl 21 years ago. She has taken a role with the United Nations Development Program and has donated $100,000 for the creation of hospitals in Belarus, Ukraine and northern Russia. “On the court, I'm an athlete,” [Maria] said. “I love to win; I love to compete. My career has brought me fame and money, but those closest to my heart are people that are less fortunate. This is a way for me to give back to something I'm very close to.” (via signonsandiego)

She's back: It's official - Lindsay Davenport is back on the WTA Tour. The 3-time Grand Slam and new mom will play singles at the Wismilak International in Bali this September. Check out Tennis Week's recent look back at other working tennis moms. (via Yahoo! Sports)

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