Google Down the Line!: Is there a softer side to Lleyton Hewitt?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Is there a softer side to Lleyton Hewitt?

Not to be outdone by former flame Kim Clijsters' pregnancy and recent early morning nuptials to American Brian Lynch, tennis hot-head Aussie Lleyton Hewitt has decided to publicize his "softer side." In a recent interview with Australian mag Women's Weekly (think Redbook), Hewitt talks about his life with actress Bec Cartwright, his wife, and 20-month old daughter Mia. He also tries to distance his on-court (belligerent?) personality from the man-at-home saying:

"I think I'm two different people — the tennis player and the person away from the court," says Lleyton. "Most of the time, when the public sees me, it's when I'm in a press conference. You can't be open about yourself in that situation and it's hard for people to see the real you."

Bec does her part as the supportive wife saying:
"Lleyton is such a great dad. You couldn't find a batter [sic] father, or one who loves their daughter as much. He is so hands-on with her. He comes home from training and, as he walks through the door, Mia runs to him, yelling 'Dad! Dad!' It's beautiful. And he's always making her laugh. He's the same as a husband. My phone calls are greeted with, 'And how's my beautiful wife?' It's wonderful to know that you're so loved."

These inside photos reveal a playful side to him.

C'mon! Lleyton Hewitt in pink?
Is this a PR play or is he just truly misunderstood??

(Images via Women's Weekly)

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