Google Down the Line!: The evolution of Justine Henin: tennis fashion or faux pas?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The evolution of Justine Henin: tennis fashion or faux pas?

There's some serious sports marketing goin' on, people. Recently, the ordinarily aggressive Aussie Lleyton Hewitt appeared in Women's Weekly and showed us a loving, affectionate husband and doting father.

Now, World No. 1 Justine Henin takes her turn on the "spin" machine. Gone is the stone-cold stare and rigid posture. Looking relaxed, her petite face made up, her outfit styled out, and sporting Jessica Simpson style hair extensions, Henin is the picture of cosmopolitan cool.

But, we're not completely convinced. We could've done without the pseudo-seductive stare from the bed. But it's a nice change for the usually reserved Belgian.

These recent image makeovers beg the question: who should be next? My vote goes to Svetlana Kuznetsova, hands down. (images courtesy of Tennis Served Fresh)


  1. Whatever Sveta decides to do... just stay away from hair extensions.

  2. OMG - so funny! I know, right? What was she thinking...we must send in a stylist stat!

  3. I think that here Justine looks much better than usually. As for Svetlana, I agree with Erwin, although I would add that it wasn't that bad for a temporary change.

  4. I thought it was funny when Sveta talked about how the Williams sisters would give her tips on how to take care of the braids. She also asked them if it's supposed to hurt so much - maybe that's why she's making that face in your post Erwin!

    I agree Marija I think Justine looks good but I didn't like all the posing and definitely not the shot on the bed. It looks like they were trying to hard.

  5. How about Sveta doing the shot on the bed?
    I think it could work...

  6. NO ONE should ever do that shot, Neruda...NO ONE.


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