Google Down the Line!: Wimbledon Tennis Fashion Outrage!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wimbledon Tennis Fashion Outrage!

Thanks to for tipping us off to the current outrage over the focus on tennis fashion at Wimby. British blogger DollyMix had this to say about Maria Shriekapova's coverage in the rags:

"Why take the time to describe her performance in the match when there's a cute story about how the All England's Club releases a hawk first thing in the morning to scare off pigeons and -golly gee- we hope they don't mistake Maria for a real swan, tee hee. Even the photo captions of Maria completely ignore the fact that she looks pumped, athletic, and victorious, as one caption reads: "Russian star Maria Sharapova is worried the Wimbledon hawk may be attracted to her dress that has swan-like wings on the back.""

I thought she looked both athletic and beautiful in her opening-round win against Chan Yung-Jan of Taiwan. In her press interview after the match the questions were a balance between both match analysis and fashion. I think it adds another dimension to the players, and therefore the sport. But you can't control what the rags will print.

What do you think?


  1. I agree with the rags. More sports less fashion, please.

  2. why would you say that? it's all part of the marketing of tennis neruda!

  3. Perhaps but too much emphasis on fashion will position tennis as more effete and therefore backfire by alienating those more in love with the physicality and athleticism of the modern game.


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