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Friday, June 29, 2007

Tattoo You

I've seen and read my fill of tennis fashion for Wimbledon this year and I'm ready to move on. How about what's underneath all those frocks?

Check out cutie Janko Tipsarevic, one of the lesser known players from rising Serbia, and his cool tattoos. There must be more - but where?

Does anyone know what it says?

(UPDATE: Tipsy discusses the tattoos at his post-match press conference.

Q. A lot of people will have seen your tattoo. I understand it says, "Beauty will save the world." What are you trying to say with that quote?
A. In my free time I like to read. One of the favorite writers is the Russian guy, Dostoyevsky. The quote, "The beauty will save the world" is from a book called "Idiot" where the main character believes in the idea that the inner beauty will save the world, and because of that idea he dies at the end. This book means a lot to me in my personal ways because I have ideas about life because of this quote.

Q. Is that one quotation?
A. The left one is "Beauty will save the world" and the right one is the first two letters of the names of the members of my family: father, mother, me and brother.)

I'm sure many other players have tattoos - we must investigate...


  1. If you want to know about tattoos, Tennis Served Fresh has a tattoo watch. It's really cool!


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