Google Down the Line!: Part III: Player Quotes from Wimbledon

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Part III: Player Quotes from Wimbledon

Q. How do you feel when people say you are the prettiest girl ever to play at Wimbledon?
A. Thank you. I'm very flattered.

Q. You didn't get any Valentine's Day cards at all?
A. Few messages, but no cards. I'm sure they were shy (smiling).

- Ana Ivanovic

Q. What is it you really love about the involvement with horses?
A. I think it's a great creature. It's a beautiful animal. So powerful, gives you so much energy. When you're out on the trails, just really the force of the horse. You're kind of in control sometimes. It's just amazing. I always loved things with speed. That's why I love skiing. I like cars. Horses are a different way. It's a little bit of a risk, too. I know. I try not to go to the limits, push it to the limits, always know where the area of limits are. I mean, of course, you can't always tell. I don't know. You're never alone.

Q. Did you know the Wimbledon champion Maureen Connolly had a serious horseback injury?
A. Yeah, it can happen any time. Other people have car accidents.

- Marty Hingis

Q. Can I ask you about your knickers?
A. Excuse me?

Q. Are you wearing red?
A. Are they? They're supposed to match the dress.

Q. But the dress is white and the knickers are red.
A. There's like a little red outline, and they say red is the color that proves that you're strong and you're confident, so I'm happy with my red knickers.

Q. Did you have any sort of grief from the umpires or any of the authorities sort of saying that they didn't fit with the dress code, or were they okay?
A. No, I think it's totally in the dress code. You didn't like it?

Q. No, I thought they were lovely.
A. Thank you. So let's have compliments then. Such threatening questions right away.

Q. They were lovely and I'd quite like a pair. I was wondering, are you going to keep on wearing them?
A. I think so, as long as I keep on winning.

- Tati Golovin

Q. Is it weird because here your sister is, you're so close to her, but yet she is such a different personality type.
A. I know, it's so weird. We're so close. We have complete opposite personalities almost. I guess it works well. Geminis and Libras are like a perfect match. That's what I credit it to.

Q. Air signs?
A. Yeah, I don't know. Are they both?

Q. Which one are you?
A. I'm a Libra and she's a Gemini.

- ReRe Williams

Q. What do you think about tennis players being on dating shows like Mark Philippoussis? Did you see the show?
A. No, I didn't. But I did TiVo it. I can't wait to go home and watch it. Can you find love on a reality show? I don't know.

Q. Would you be tempted?
A. I don't think I'd be able to find love on a reality show personally 'cause I think I have to get to know someone for years. He's a little older, so he might have more of an idea of what he's looking for.

- ReRe Williams, Pt. II

Q. What do you like about Wimbledon?
A. The strawberries! I eat too many of them! The people are really nice here. I’m not a great fan of England but everyone’s really nice here. There’s a special type of atmosphere here.

Q. Are the fans different here?
A. Yes. In Paris, the public tens to warm to me a lot more and it’s like being at home. I like it here and in Australia as well. The US is the toughest. People seem to turn up to do anything except watch the actual tennis…

- Justine Henin


  1. Speaking of Mark Philippoussis' show, I'm totally in love with all the ladies in their 40s. Those 20s hoes are completely vapid.

  2. Did you mean to say 'cougars' instead of 'ladies'?


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