Google Down the Line!: Part II: Player Quotes from Wimbledon

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Part II: Player Quotes from Wimbledon

Q. Do you know who your fourth round opponent could be?
A. I have no idea.

Q. So you don't want me to tell you?
A. I don't care.

Q. Serena.
A. Okay. First I think we both need to get there.

- Dani Hantuchova

Q. You said you've got Federer in the third round if you get past Qureshi. You've beaten him before at the Australian Open.
A. Yeah, I need to play my next match against Qureshi so let's look at this one first. My position shouldn't be looking any farther than my second round match.

Q. Do you think people worry too much about Federer, get too nervous when they play him, give him too much respect?
A. I don't really think about Federer. Any other players don't really, really care, and why should I care about them?

- Marat Safin

Q. What sort of things do you cook?
A. Pasta, everything, everything.

Q. Cakes?
A. What's "cakes"? Yes, because was the birthday of Albert Costa. We cooked for the happy birthday.

- Rafa Nadal

Q. Do you identify with swans in some way?
A. In what way?

Q. You made a point of it being a sort of a swan inspired dress.
A. It is, yeah.

Q. Do you feel some sort of kinship with the bird?
A. I don't think that was the initial inspiration with the dress. Originally it didn't have as many pleats in the back. I wanted there to be more of a pleat effect in the back, and I think the end result made it look more like a swan. Even on a hanger, it doesn't look as swan-ish as it does on me (laughter).

I don't know. I just put reference to it because a swan is usually white, right, unless it's weird.

Q. They are a protected bird here.
A. Was that really necessary (laughter)?

Q. Do you think they have a hawk here?
A. A hawk? It's a swan.

Q. They have a real hawk patrolling the grounds every day at 9:00.
A. Does the hawk usually bite the swan? I don't know, does it? Jesus, I might have to cut those pleats away.

- Maria Shriekapova

Q. Will you agree that match was very tight and very close?
A. Yeah, it was definitely a well competed match. I think the fans enjoy that. It was nice because I could definitely feel that they were enjoying when I was playing well and coming back.

Q. Did you enjoy it?
A. I enjoyed the part when I was winning (smiling).

- Venus Williams

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