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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

+ Netcords

- The seeding for Wimbledon has been set. Keep an ay-yay-yay out for my DOWN THE LINE seed report later in the week...

- Tennis Week reports that The "Sisters Sledge" Venus & Serena Williams will be cracking forehands (hopefully between the lines this time) with special-edition Wilson racquets made with serious bling. Serena will play with a pure black frame and Venus with a pure white version, both featuring real 22 CARAT GOLD leaf laid into the frame.

-'s James Martin posted his "What to Watch at Wimbledon" report - I have my sights set on #1, #5 and #7

- Powerhouse Justin Henin has given up her fave late-night snack - Belgian chocolates - for the good of her game, reports The Independent.

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