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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hitting with Hipsters

I'm not a huge gaming person by any means, but I hear Wii Tennis is totally fun. Although I much prefer to play outdoors (and simulating my tennis moves in an NYC apartment is asking for trouble) I could be convinced. That's why I may go check out this weekend's Wiimbledon tournament in Williamsburg, Brooklyn USA. This tourney is a non-profit tournament run by Brooklyn residents Steve Bryant and Lane Buschel. It's taking place on Saturday, June 23 from 11am until 5pm at Barcade (388 Union Ave. 718.302.6464).
If you're registered to play (all spots are taken), you can brush up on those rusty groundstrokes at the Wii Sports blog, or just come and watch those hipsters battle it out - super skinny jeans and all.


  1. I totally saw this! The Wii tennis gets intense; I was sore for like a week after I tried it the first time. I think it would also be worth it to see everyone getting all crazy in their not so comfortable clothing (skinny jeans...) : )

  2. Tennis in skinny jeans. Maybe i will be inspired to by the Wii.


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