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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Age of Disappointment

Did anyone happen to check out the debut of the reality show, Age of Love, starring Mark Philippoussis? Really?? No worries, mate - seems like no one else did either. Apparently, the tennis hottie's new show lost 40% of lead-in Deal or No Deal's audience - ouch.

Could it be he offended his biggest audience? When asked about the characteristics of the female contestants in a recent interview, Philipoopoo, who's been linked romantically with everyone from Paris Hilton to Anna Kournikova, responded:

"Cougars are comfortable with who they are. And they're a lot more comfortable with their sexuality," he says. "And in many ways, they were just as much fun, maybe even more fun" than their cattier young rivals.

Not the kind of fellow you want to bring home to mom - unless mom's a cougar, I guess.

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