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Friday, August 30, 2013

FASHION FIX: Striped socks! At the US Open!

No, it's not your eyes. Those are stripes. On a sock. 

So, at least one of my tennis fashion dreams has finally come true. The other one is, of course, shorty-shorts on the boys, and that one is even starting to happen (hello, legs).

H&M has already come a long way from where they started with Tomas Berdych earlier this year in Oz. And it's a different look for Big Berd, who always leaned towards classic looks with Nike. We've definitely moved into more fashionable territory.

Oh yeah. He won his second round match, too.

[Photo(s) credit: AP Photo/Mike Groll]

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

FASHION FIX: Venus Williams goes bold at the US Open

Good to see Venus Williams has her game back, at least for her opening round match. The 2-time US Open champ exacted a bit of revenge on Kirsten Flipkens, upsetting the Belgian 12th seed 6-1, 6-2. Flipper had beaten V in Canada a few weeks ago after the American fed her a full-on bagel in the first set. I use the word “upsetting” very loosely here because, well, it’s Venus Williams. Regardless of her ranking (she sits at No. 60 currently), she’s still dangerous when her game is on – and it was this match.

Can we say the same about her latest FASHION FIX? Well, she certainly jumped on the “bold” trend in design and color. She’s all about this season’s striking florals for her latest EleVen by Venus Williams dress.

But it didn’t stop there. V brought out the nail art trend showcasing some bling glued onto her finely manicured hands that matched her electric pink hair. I'd be afraid I might gouge my eye out hitting a backhand or something. But then again, I'm not a 7-time Grand Slammer with laser beams for groundies. She's adept at playing fully accessorized.

Bold and electric. Just like her game used to be. Yes, it pained me to write that, but it’s true. I really do hope she has a good showing in Flushing Meadows.

One reporter in her post-match presser had a word for her hair: restankulous. Like, to be really stank? I’m so confused. Reporter, please explain yourself!

[Photo(s) credit: Getty Images]

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HE SAID/SHE SAID: 2013 Wimbledon, Day One

Q. You've said that only an arrogant man would not have doubts. You've said that a couple of times now. Do you have some doubts on your play on grass? And are you proud of your legacy on grass for a person who was brought up on clay?

RAFAEL NADAL: Obviously I have doubts. I have doubts on grass. I have doubts on clay and hard, for sure in indoor.
If I don't have doubts is because I really don't feel the passion for this game. You don't see myself with doubts the first week of Roland Garros? Yes, with a lot of doubts. Today I play with doubts. I lost, yes.

Q. But you're proud of your grass court play?

RAFAEL NADAL: If I'm proud today?

Q. Not today. Over the years, what you have done on grass.

RAFAEL NADAL: What do you think? Five finals, two victories. I don't know how many players have that. I think for me is a lot. That don't mean I not going to keep trying to have success in this surface.

Q. How did you draw on your years of experience when a friend of yours suffered a tough defeat in the first round in a big tournament back in America? Did you give some nice advice to console him after that setback?

VICTORIA AZARENKA: Sorry, who are you talking about?

Q. Redfoo.

VICTORIA AZARENKA: Oh, my God. I thought you were talking about real US Open tournament. He's happy with the match. I didn't see the match because was nighttime here. I mean, as long as he's happy ... I'm proud of him no matter what. 

To go out and have courage to do something like that, that's pretty remarkable. He's a champion in his heart. I mean, his forehand should get better, definitely. I mean, that's something that he has to work on.

Q. The win makes you the most successful British man in Grand Slams ever. Were you aware of that?

ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I didn't actually know that. Yeah, that's nice. You know, the Grand Slams are obviously the pinnacle of our sport. It's the tournaments I prepare extremely hard for, you know, 
where you want to try and play your best tennis.

Yeah, I guess that shows I've played some of my best tennis at the slams, and hopefully I can continue that.

Q. This week there's a commemoration of 40 years of the WTA. We have some of the best players ever playing right now. When you think of the sport, who do you consider the greatest woman player ever and why?

MARIA SHARAPOVA: That's an extremely tough question because I wasn't part of the generation which consisted of incredible players. I can only speak of the generation that I was part of.

I never played Steffi Graf. I never played Chris Evert. Never played Navratilova. So those are considered incredible champions.

So I think on many different levels, they all deserve a tremendous amount of respect. And I don't think one should be called greater than the other. There's no real reason for that.

Q. If you could play one player who you haven't played?

MARIA SHARAPOVA: Probably Steffi.

Q. How do you think you'd play with her great forehand, her speed?

MARIA SHARAPOVA: I think she'd chop me up (smiling).

Q. Last question from me. I'm from Switzerland, so can you talk a little bit more about Roger Federer's serve? Is it tough to read?

JERZY JANOWICZ: I played against Roger once in Rome, so I remember during the important points he was serving ace perfectly on the line. So this was quite annoying sometimes. But, yeah, it's not easy to read his serve. Second of all, he has unbelievable second serve. He has great kick.

Q. On grass, what do you think comes easy to you and what is challenging for you on this surface?

SLOANE STEPHENS: I think you get to hit the ball as hard as you can and most of the time it's still going to go in. I think that's good, and that's the easiest part. You just, like, go for your shots on. Most of the ones on hardcourts are like going to go to the fence, and on grass for some reason it stays in.

Moving is the hardest part. You want to run, and when you think you're going to slide and do something cool you're on the floor. So I think movement is the hardest part.

Q. This is your sixth time out there on opening day as defending champion. Does it now feel familiar, or do you have a sense of excitement and nerves? Would you wish this were a longer match, to have longer on court for the first day?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, the longer the match, the longer you spend on Centre Court, it's not a bad thing. That's what I was thinking today. It went by very quickly. But I guess at the end of the day you'd prefer to have it this way, walk away as a winner instead of being out there for five hours and losing in the first round.

It's been always a dream come true for me. In some ways, once I understood what it's all about, opening Monday, the defending champion gets the honor to open the court, ever since it's been an amazing day and match to be part of. And I see it also for the other players. They always think it's super exciting being a part of that match. I'm happy I won 'em all. So that's been a good thing, as well. That helps to enjoy it (smiling).

Q. Grass doesn't suck too badly.

ANDREA PETKOVIC: Well, it awkwardly has to do with the head a lot. Normally when I went into the grass season I was already pissed before I hit one ball. This time I was just in this whole mood of gratefulness for my second chance career. I just see it really as a second career. I was just like, Okay, you're just going to go for the grass and love it and try to start a romance with it.

If it didn't want you, you're going to force it to love back. So I'm just enjoying myself really. I'm never going to be ... it's never going to be my favorite surface, but as I said, I'm working at least on a romance.

Q. Can you tell us what was your very first thought on Friday when you saw the draw, Rafa in the first round?

STEVE DARCIS: Shit (laughter).

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The City of Light shines on Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams

So, what did you think of this year’s Roland Garros? Surprised? OF COURSE YOU WEREN’T.

The heavy pre-tourney faves, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams, won big. Sure, Rafa started off the fortnight scratchy, losing a set in each of his first two matches, before running into the world’s top baller, Novak Djokovic, and winning an insta-classic, five-set semifinal match. He was the better baller throughout the contest and almost let it slip before pulling it out late in the fifth. Once in the final, he smothered compatriot, David Ferrer, as he is wont to do on the slippery stuff.

Even less of a surprise was ReRe’s demolition of the ladies’ field. I tweeted after she was pushed to three sets by Svetlana Kuznetsova that their quarterfinal match may have been the de facto final. While Maria Sharapova was game and gave it her best in the actual final (no really, she played as well as I’ve seen her against ReRe start to finish), Sveta actually made the world’s top lady baller uncomfortable enough to pull out a set and a break in the third. But closing out the 16-time Grand Slammer is a whole other question. And that’s something few lady ballers—three in fact—have done in the past year.

It used to be that Roland Garros was where you could watch a totally unexpected, out-of-left-field baller win one of tennis’s four major tourneys. Think Iva Majoli. Or Gaston Gaudio. Clay, like a windy day, was thought of as an equalizer, where anyone could have a slip up, sometimes literally, and bite the dust. In one respect, it was exciting; but it doesn’t happen as much anymore. Blame the homogenizing of playing styles, the equipment, the balls, whatever fits your argument.

So does it make Rafa and ReRe’s wins less thrilling? If you think witnessing two living legends cement their place in the annals of tennis history is akin to watching paint dry, the hell yeah. But not me. Rafa’s 12th- major win put him past Rod Laver and Bjorn Borg. I said ROD LAVER and BJORN BORG. ReRe is two major wins from tying Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, which very well could happen by year’s end. And as they both fell to the clay after clinching match point, with a mix of exhilaration, relief and satisfaction, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking it was their first time.

Because winning never gets old, even for champions.

[Photo(s) credit: Getty Images]

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shirtless Andy Murray shows off something sweaty

Andy Murray fan? Read The Times Magazine London? Like shirtless Brit boys? WELL, TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY!

The Times Magazine has what they're calling the Miami champ's "most revealing interview yet" with this photo of a bare chested, sweaty (or artificially lubed), moley, barely conscious Muzz kicking off the article. Get it? But, what what they won't be revealing is the rest of the article for all you freeloaders because of their pay wall.

Like it or not, you're going to have to pay a few pounds a week just to see how much more Muzz The Times Magazine is hiding behind that pay wall. But, let's make a deal. If you do, tell me what you find. Because I don't pay for internet stuff. Unless it's porn. Because that's totally worth it.

[Photo(s) credit: The Times Magazine via Andy Murray Facebook page]

Friday, March 29, 2013

A sneak peek at the Williams sisters documentary

Here's a sneak peek at the documentary about Venus and Serena Williams that they reportedly weren't too happy with. The sisters objected to the way father, Richard, ended up coming across in the film. Not exactly sure what that means, but I sure can't wait to find out.

The Williams sisters have been notoriously private over the years, barely letting anyone outside their immediate circles into their lives. But, based on this preview, fans might finally a good look.

The documentary will be available on demand April 4 and opening in theaters on May 10.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

VIDEO VAULT: The 2013 Sony Open player party red carpet

With all of the kudos showered on Indian Wells over the last two weeks, it wouldn't be a surprise to find Miami drowning its sorrows in frozen maragaritas at some bar along Ocean Drive. And, to add salt to the glass rim, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal opted out of competing.

Here's the silver lining - Miami gets the Williams sisters. You know, the ones who annually give the finger to that inconsequential tourney in the California desert. The tourney even throws their own baller party just like the one for the BNP Paribas Open - with a red carpet, media hounds, and questionable outfits to boot. No, I'm not talking about Novak Djokovic's palm tree blazer. I kinda like it. Really.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FASHION FIX: Nike spring looks for Serena, Sharapova, Azarenka, and Li

It's spring, right?! Uh, not quite. Winter is still hanging on here in NYC, clinging to life with its frozen talons (can you tell I hate winter?). At least there are parts of the world and this country where it's bright, warm, and people are half dressed. Miami is one of those places, and it's where the ATP and WTA tours are heading for the second Masters 1000 and Premier tourneys, respectively, at the Sony Open. You can see the draws here.

It's also where Nike is debuting some of their spring looks for their lady ballers. Check 'em out:

Top seed Serena Williams will be wearing the Force Pleated Knit Dress. The spring-esque color blocking, which I love, reminds me that spring is officially starting tomorrow. BUT YOU WOULDN'T KNOW IT BECAUSE IT WAS SNOWING HERE. YEAH, SNOWING.

Indian Wells champ and third seed Maria Sharapova will be, of course, working duds from her eponymous collection for Nike including the Premier Maria Tank paired with the Premier Maria Skort. Nice green.

Why does it always seem Victoria Azarenka, the No. 2 seed, always gets the short end of the fashion stick with Nike? Her Australian Open dress was a flop, and this outfit - the Force Printed Tank with the Force Flouncy Woven Skort - isn't going to blind you with its incredibly fashionable design. And that includes the disco print on the straps.

Here's the plus and it's a big one: SHE'S BACK. It will be fantastic to see fifth seed Li Na in action after being out since rehabbing the ankle she injured during her run to the Australian Open final. She'll be working the Force Pure Tennis Top paired with the Pleated Knit Skirt. Pretty basic and typical for her. I'm just excited she's showing up at all.

[Photo(s) credit: Nike Tennis Facebook Page]

Friday, March 8, 2013

PHOTO OP: The 2013 BNP Paribas Open Player Party

I love a good party. It's a chance to dress up, perhaps in something you wouldn't usually wear, have a few laughs and get totally smashed. On second thought, you never want to be that person at the party who ends up seeing their drunken escapades on YouTube. And, I'm not speaking from experience. Pinky swear. 

Anyway, some of the ballers on the ATP and WTA tours put on their party best (or worst, in some cases) for last night's BNP Paribas Open Player Party held at the IW Club. Let's have a look.

Novak Djokovic: Dayum. Oh right. I actually love the monochromatic look here. It helps to dress up the casual but very classic look. Great navy suede bucks to break it up.
Click on the headline for more looks from last night's bash!

Monday, February 25, 2013

SIGHTING: Maria Sharapova shines at Vanity Fair Oscar Party ***UPDATED***

Maria Sharapova looked stunning at the annual Vanity Fair Oscar Party last night. According to her website, the Russian glamazon "wore a dress by Amanda Wakeley, shoes by Manolo Blahnik and accessorized it with a clutch bag by Alexander McQueen, earrings by Isharaya and cuffs by Katherine Sultan."

The site even delves deep into her hair and makeup inspirations: "Inspirations for Maria's hair: Sleek, modern and chic. Inspiration for Maria's makeup:  Chic, young, classic, neutral palette, and lip on channel coco moisturizing lip balm. Line on top of eyes to define her eyes with voluminous mascara." Like I said, DEEP.

She also got to tweeting about her prep and the dangers of dressing in a floor-length at a crowded party (I totes get it):

Last year, Shrieka looked like just she rolled out of bed. Or stepped into a paper shredder. What a difference a year, and a Career Slam, makes.

UPDATE: Here's an interview from the Oscar party.

[Photo(s) credit: Getty Images]

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